2013 NEW BALANCE 東吳國際超級馬拉松賽事紀要

2013 NEW BALANCE Soochow International Ultra-marathon Summary

第十三屆東吳國際超級馬拉松由台灣紐巴倫股份有限公司冠名贊助,於102年12月7、8日舉行,以「24hr non-stop」作為大會標語,宣揚超馬永不放棄,超越自我精神;並持續支持慈善公益團體,今年配合台北市康復之友協會對精神障礙病友職涯重建做宣導勸募活動。

The 13th Annual Soochow International 24-hour Ultra Marathon, sponsored by Taiwan's New Balance Company, was held on the 7th and 8th of December 2013. The motto was "24hr non-stop" in the areas of promoting Ultra-marathons, the spirit of going beyond one's ability and the support of charitable organizations. This year they worked with Taipei Friends of Physical Rehab Organization to help mentally ill patients refine their career by holding fund raisers.


The competition included the 24-hour race, the 5-hour relay, and the Golden IAU Memorial Race. The music department, various clubs, students from the dormitory, Shilin Ka Wa Yin Line Dancing Group among others were invited to be involved in encouraging and cheering on the runners. A total of 2,281 runners and 679 volunteers joined this year's events.


We again invited Mr. Chih-lung Tseng, an outstanding youth with cerebral palsy from Malaysia, who was also the first cerebral palsy patient to finish a 24-hour ultra marathon and have the record of 89.807 km. On December 6th he was invited to speak about his life at the Soochow University's Main Shuangshi Campus during the Ultra-marathon Volunteers and Referees Orientation.


For this year's results, Yoshikazu Hara from Japan achieved a record of 273.650 km, Mami Kudo also from Japan had the record of 210.906 km, and both were awarded first place in the Men and Women category. A total of 11 contestants reached the national standard, which is 220 km for men and 200 km for women.