2014 NEW BALANCE 東吳國際超級馬拉松賽事紀要

2014 NEW BALANCE Soochow International Ultra-marathon Summary


The 2014 International 24-hour Ultra Marathon was a world class "exclamation mark" event! Being the last ultra of the year, the Soochow University 24-hour Marathon again succeeded in becoming the world's only Golden IAU race. Yoshikazu Hara from Japan (285.366 km), Ivan Cudin from Italy (255.499 km), Florian Reus from Germany (253.899 km), Ryoichi Sekiya (241.099 km), Mami Kudo (222.431 km), together created this honor. Yoshikazu Hara not only broke the record of Grecian Yiannis Korous, who ran 284.070 km in 2002, but also created a new Asian record by beating Ryoichi Sekiya, who ran 274.88 km in 2007.

今年大會主題「打不倒的勇者 為紀念曼德拉而跑」,納爾遜•曼德拉博士為南非人權鬥士,一生為理想而奮鬥,1993年來台本校頒授「東吳大學榮譽法學博士」,去年12月5日辭世後,本校感念當年與博士結緣的初衷及其偉大情懷,特舉辦「67分鐘跑」及「67隊670人5小時接力賽」,希望藉由活動引起大家的共鳴,一同向曼德拉博士致敬。

This year's theme was "The Unbreakable Warrior, Running for Mandela". Dr. Nelson Mandela fought for human rights in South Africa throughout his life and in 1993 he came to Soochow University in Taipei, receiving the "Soochow University Honorary Doctorate of Law" Degree. Passing away on December Fifth of last year, our school wanted the opportunity to show our feelings of gratitude through the marathon theme. Hoping everyone would honor and remember Dr. Mandela, we purposely held the "67 Minute Run" and the "67 Team, 670 People, and the 5-hour Relay Race".


This year's competition included the 24-hour Race, the Five Hour Relay, and the 67 Minute Race, which was again supported by Taipei Friends of Physical Rehab Organization. During the competition, we added a 3-hour relay race for our friends who are going through physical rehabilitation. The music department, various clubs, students from the dormitory, Shilin Ka Wa Yin Line Dancing Group among others were involved in encouraging and cheering on the runners. A total of 1,709 runners and 650 volunteers joined this year's events.


Mr. Chih-lung Tseng, an outstanding youth with cerebral palsy from Malaysia, was invited once again to compete. With the support from The Xinyi Infant Asylum, he finished the race, running a total of 74.78 km, unable to break his 2013 record of 89.807 km. On December Third, he spoke to students on the topic of Cherishing Life during the Ultra-marathon Volunteers and Referees Orientation.


This year Yoshikazu Hara (285.366 km) from Japan won again for the men, and Mami Kudo (222.431 km) also from Japan won her fifth consecutive title for the women.